Monday, July 22, 2013

Bring the Change !

One day when I came to my office I was asked by my Manager to change my work desk. I was a bit hesitant at first since I was really comfortable and had been there ever since I had joined the organisation and was on good terms with my neighbours.  It was not like I was asked to change my job profile but then the thought of change irked me.
In life we get so comfortable with a certain routine that we do not want to change the way it was initially put up. We are having a fear of change in our minds or sometime s we are just lazy to actually bring about any change. We mostly doubt the change that is taking place instead of taking it positively. However we knowingly or unknowingly go through changes. We only notice it when it has had some outcome. Our today’s generation are experiencing change that the whole of mankind has not seen till date. Technology is changing at such a rapid pace. We have hundreds of inventions and discoveries in such a short period. Yes, of course there are a few exceptions, but who knows they too can get changed with the so much of change happening in the human history.
We would progress in our life only if we learn to adjust ourselves to change, that is after all how we have survived for millions of years. Historically it is proved those who have shown resistance to change became extinct over a period of time. You too would just vanish in the crowd if you do not change.
Keep learning new things, try different things don’t hesitate to change. In today’s competitive world it is essential that you acquire new skills or polish your skills with the latest tools to be different. Don’t mind the beginning glitches; you will need some time to get your hands on it. Many corporations understand that they need to keep up with the changing trend if they want to survive. When Apple launched their “I Phone” it was not a telecommunication company, they were known as Computer giant but Steve Job knew that this change was vital for the survival of his company. We all know how Apple changed the rules of the game afterwards, forcing even its arch rival Microsoft to jump in the mobile business. So is the story of Lamborghini cars. Lamborghini previously used to manufacture Tractor’s. He was often taunted by Ferrari for his tractors, So Ferruccio Lamborghini dream of cars that would take on Ferrari which was soon turned into reality. That’s the essence of change you will never understand what lays for you unless and until you are ready to change. No man in this age can be saved from the cycle of change. You need to change yourself even if you want the real you to be showcased to the real world.  You are not the same today the one you were a few years back all this change might have helped you to be a better person.  
So the next time you find yourself in a position that demands you to change, stop worrying accept it as a part of life, A way towards a better future only then can you enjoy your life. Resisting change has had really bad endings for those who did and you for sure would not like to be part of that league. So welcome change with open hands, embrace it and enjoy.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Failure! How you can get over it.

You are a failure - you have to stop trying here. This is exactly what we hear when we fail to achieve something that we planned for. Everybody has a dream, and most of us strive hard to achieve our dream. It’s not that all of our Dreams turn into reality. In order for our dreams to come true we plan, we concentrate all our strength to reach it, dedicate hours, days or even years of hard work all for achieving it. Not everybody is lucky enough to achieve their goal at one shot.
The initial few days after failure may be gloomy for some people, it is during this time that your real inner strength is tested. You have negativity all around you, looking back at all the mistakes it seems that you were so stupid to do it. You start to think of playing it safe this time and may end up giving away your hope and also your dream. 
However the trait common among all the successful people that you will notice across the globe is that they are not afraid of failure. They rise again just like a Phoenix. Failure is a part of life and you have to accept it, at the same time you have to make sure that this failure brings out the best in you. After failing you are now experienced and probably will do something that was never thought of before. Be strong, be confident and most importantly keep calm and have faith in yourself.  You need to keep trying if you want to take control of your life. Discipline is among the most important values you need to nurture in yourself. Look out for the pros and cons of your failure. Analyse what went wrong, why, how and when. Have a look around, you ever know what may inspire you.
Giving up dream is easy but to live it and to achieve it something that makes you special and successful.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Why you should Risk it.

There comes a point of time in everybody’s life where they have an option to either play it safe or take a chance by undertaking a huge risk.  This is what makes or breaks a person.  Take the story of Robin Chase, who slipped from Tanzania to Kenya (averted a risk of life imprisonment by not getting caught), also launching Zipcar with just $78 in her bank account. Both these risks did prove to be life changing for her.  Similarly for Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, who started with his first business venture called “Student “at age 16. He sold his Virgin Label EMI for keeping his airline company afloat for £ 500 million, risk because had it failed he would have to face a double backlash. 

It’s worth taking risk especially when you are in your early twenties or thirties because even if you fail you can bounce back easily. It is also important to take risks because only then will you realise your true power. You may never know what qualities you possess until you unleash them.  You will never how far you can go until you are ready to risk. However there is a very thin line between stupidity and risk, you need to understand what will be the probable outcome of you taking risk. There is no need to take risk unless the return is absolutely worth it.

By taking risk you tend to work more cautiously, you focus on removing all the defects, maximizing your gains. Sometimes in life it is worth to examine yourself by taking small and big risks every now and then. New businesses should be able to take risk if they want to create an identity among their customer apart from their competitor’s, this can mean being unconventional at times. When Hugh Hefner left his job since he was denied a $5 raise by Esquire, he mortgaged even his furniture to raise capital for Playboy. He was criticised by many for his short story “The Crooked Man”, it was about straight men in a homosexual society. He responded “it was wrong to persecute heterosexuals in a homosexual society then the reverse was wrong, too”. 

For some risk taking is a way of life (read daily bread & butter) like Felix Baumgartner, the Australian Base Jumper who set a world record for skydiving from estimated 39 Km and reaching a speed of 1357 km/h. It was a risk to his life had there had been even a miniscule mistake. This shows that we pay more attention to details and small tasks for a bigger success. 

In life if you want to achieve your goal remember to go that extra mile, take some risk  do it with passion and who knows success might be yours.