Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Analyst

“Ok, finally something that actually interests me is up for grabs. I really hope this thing works out for me. Click to APPLY here we go again, CLIICCCKKK and done” Rohan sighed. “”. Rohan clicked on the APPLY button hoping that he would at least receive a mail stating whether he his resume was selected or not for the interview.  He was like one of those thousands of MBA graduates with a Degree from their College but without a job. He too was fooled by those 100% Placement Assistance ads that the colleges marketed a trap in which many like Rohan fell into easily.

Just when Rohan had again started for job hunt his cell rang. “Hello” Rohan answered in a squeaking voice. “Hi, I’m Mike from CBZ Corp. You applied for the position of Analyst with us a few moments ago.” Rohan jumped out of his chair like a tiger pounces upon its prey. “Finally a response”.